The Farm

Our livestock is all home-bred, and free range.


Our cattle are all rare breed dexters, which are noted for the good quality of beef produced. Our herd is used for conservation grazing by the National Trust at Hatchlands Park in East Clandon and hence are only grass and hay fed, creating a natural life for great beef. Visitors to the park are able to walk through the land and meet the herd.



Our sheep are all kept on site at Badgers Farm.most of our sheep are rare, native breed Southdown and Southdownand jacob crossbreeds notorious for creating rich, flavoursome meat. 



We currently have one breeding sow, a  Tamworth. she is  bred with our Tamworth boar. Our pigs are kept in the woods on site.



Our chickens are divided into several chicken houses and are purely laying hens, and specia breeds plus bantams

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